Pre-K Curriculum Overview


Pre-K Curriculum Overview – Taken from NYS Common Core Curriculum



   - Adapt to daily routine, classroom rules and procedures

   - Practice problem-solving skills in social situations

   - Work in groups or with a partner on a variety of projects

   - Share classroom materials with the group

   - Practice using manners; please, thank you, excuse me, table manners

   - Communicate his/her needs

   - Take care of his/her own basic needs; clean up, fasten clothing, use tissues

   - State personal information; first & last name, age, birthday, address and know

      when to use appropriately



   - Explore a variety of art processes; painting, drawing, collage, etc.

   - Use a variety of art materials;

      crayons, tempera/watercolor/finger paint, colored pencils & markers

   - Experiment with mixing paint colors

   - Sing songs & nursery rhymes that enhance the curriculum; songs about weather

     calendar, alphabet, etc. as part of the daily routine

   - Participate in movement through songs and dances

   - Use rhythm sticks, bell, shakers to enrich music

   - Participate in dramatic play using puppets & dress up clothes

   - Children explore their creativity through their drawings; their family, stick figures etc.

   - Develop fine motor skills; play dough, scissors, writing utensils, Legos, etc.




   - Exposure to alphabet; letter names & sounds; using upper & lower-case letters

   - Recognize, spell, write first name using first letter as upper-case letter

   - Hold a pencil, marker, crayon correctly

   - Retell familiar stories/sequencing

   - Draw pictures & dictate sentences about stories and experiences

   - Answer questions about stories

   - Repeat simple nursery rhymes and finger plays

   - Concepts of print; left to right direction, holding a book right side up, turning pages

   - Build new vocabulary

   - Build listening skills

   - Strengthen visual discrimination



   - Identify and write numerals 1-10

   - Counting 1-10 forward/backward and counting objects to 20

   - One to one correspondence of objects; matching one numeral with 0 up to ten objects

   - Sorting by various attributes; color, shape, size

   - Patterns; AB, AABB, ABC

   - Sizes; small, medium, large

   - Matching; symbols, shapes (using 2 & 3 dimensional shapes), patterns, etc.

   - Same and different

   - More, less, same, before, after, next to

   - Time; day and night

   - Answer “How many?” question up to 10 with a visual

    - Count by rote 20 and beyond

   - Compare the length, height & weight of objects

   - Addition and subtraction stories



   - Explore science tools; magnets, magnifying glasses, & balance scale

   - Experience the world through nature walks and gardening

   - Observe plant growth

   - Observe weather and plant life during each season

   - Measure and mix ingredients in cooking activities

   - Identify basic colors and explore color mixing

   - Explore the world with the five senses

   - Explore animals, the homes they live in and the food they eat



   - All About Me

   - Family

   - Transportation

   - Community and Community helpers; traffic signs, safety rules

   - Holidays

   - Exposure to Greek culture, language and the Orthodox faith

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