2021 Stewardship Commitment

Your offering to Christ and His Church can do as much as you empower it to do.
We give to Christ and His Church not according to our means but according to our love for Him.

"He who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.” - 2 Corinthians 9:6

Our spiritual home has financial needs to support our Cathedral and its youth and outreach ministries. Our annual basic operating budget for 2021 totals nearly $1 million; this equates to a daily operating cost of approximately $2500 per day.

We invite you to consider having your Stewardship pledge help fund the Cathedral operations for one day ($2,500 annual pledge) or two days ($5,000 annual pledge).

All Stewardship pledges support the ministries of the Cathedral and no pledge is too small. Our Cathedral and its ministries need your assistance, so we ask that you please give as generously as you can to your spiritual home.

Fulfilling your pledge is easy.

First, please complete your pledge by filling out the online stewardship pledge form, found below.  

You can fulfill your stewardship pledge by check, credit card, or online payment (via PayPal). Payments can be made as you need to make them (one lump sum, monthly installments, or other periodic installments).

Please know that your pledge form is kept confidential; it will be sent to the Stewardship Secretary and is not seen by anyone else.

If you have any questions regarding our Stewardship program you can call the Cathedral office at 516-483-5700 and ask to speak with the stewardship secretary.




If you already have submitted your stewardship form and would like to make a payment please click on our Stewardship Payment Link here