03/02/2021 10:00 am Paraklesis
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As we navigate these difficult times, St. Paul’s Cathedral is welcoming all faithful to light a candle and offer a prayer. Our Clergy will gladly light as many candles or 7 Day Candles as you request



Light a candle and offer a prayer. Candles, 7 Day Candles, Names and Donation form



You can also call or email the church office to proivde names or to ask them to light a candle on your behalf.

If you would rather make your donation directly with the office or would like to provide names to be read, please contact the church office at (516) 483-5700 or by email at



Sunday Bulletin


The Epistle


Mosaics Restoration Project

The Mosaics Restoration Project was initiated over the summer by our Clergy in an effort to clean and restore our beautiful and unique iconography. read more »

Sunday School Zoom Classes

Our Cathedral is happy to announce that our Sunday School program now offers a remote learning option to via Zoom. read more »

2020 Gala Sweepstakes Winners

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St Paul's Nursery School

St Paul's Nursery School. 2020-2021 Registration is now open. read more »

Dine at Home Support your Community

The following restaurants have supported our Cathedral and events like our festival over many years. Please consider ordering your next takeout or delivery meal from one of them.  read more »

Greek News article about our Online Greek School

Greek News article featuring our exemplary online Greek School Program read more »

Online Chapel