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Thank you for your interest in our Greek Language Program. The Cathedral of St. Paul Greek Language Program is the longest running (since 1950) and largest Greek language program on Long Island and is the model on which many other local programs are based. We operate under the supervision of our Principal Mrs. Mary Vlogiantis with the assistance of our Greek School Committee  and Greek School PTA and offer language classes for both children and adults.

Key Highlights of our Youth Greek Language Program:

  • Monday, Tuesday and Saturday sessions from September to May (see schedule below)
  • Classes begin with Pre-K and continue through 6th Grade
  • Advanced Conversational and Regents (Comprehensive Exam in Modern Greek) Preparatory courses offered
  • Small class sizes ensure students receive personalized instruction. Maximum class size is 8 students for Pre-K and K and 12 students for upper classes but the typical class size is 7 or fewer students
  • 12 dedicated teachers with an average teaching experience of 15+ years
  • We do not combine grades when teaching
  • Each teacher typically teaches the same grade across all days providing students with the option to come on an alternate day if needed
  • Weekly lessons include Computer Lab and Greek Dance as well as Greek cultural, historical and religious activities
    • o At no additional cost to parents children in Grades 1-6 engage in 30 minutes of Greek Dance with a Greek Dance instructor every second week. Kindergarteners learn Greek Dance in their classrooms with their teachers.
    • o Our Computer Lab is located on the second floor of the Cassis Educational Building. We have 10 computer terminals that offer students the opportunity to use online resources to assist in learning the Greek language. Children spend approximately 30 minutes in the lab every second week where they will be assisted by a computer lab assistant.
  • Students march in the Independence Day Parade and participate in the Archdiocese’s Parathosi Dance Competition as well as many Cathedral celebrations such as March 25th, our Greek Festival, Ohi Day and Christmas Pageant

We also offer beginner, intermediate and advanced Adult Greek Language classes. If you are interested please contact our Principal for more information.

Youth Greek Language Program 2021-22 Schedule

Grade Monday Tuesday Saturday
Pre K 4:15-6:15pm 4:15-6:15pm 10am-12pm
K 4:15-6:15pm 4:15-6:15pm 10am-12pm
1 4:15-7:15pm 4:15-7:15pm 10am-1pm
2 4:15-7:15pm 4:15-7:15pm 10am-1pm
3 4:15-7:15pm 4:15-7:15pm 10am-1pm
4 4:15-7:15pm 4:15-7:15pm 10am-1pm
5 4:15-7:15pm 4:15-7:15pm 10am-1pm
6 4:15-7:15pm 4:15-7:15pm 10am-1pm
Conversation 7:30-8:30pm    
Regents 7:30-9:00pm 7:30-9:00pm  
Adult Class   7:30-9:00pm  



Registration for existing students is conducted during the late spring of the preceding school year. New students may register prior to the commencement of the school year. We encourage students to register as early as possible as we limit class sizes to ensure that our students have an appropriate amount of teacher time.


Additional Information and Resources:


Rules and Important Information

Online Learning Resources

For additional information, please contact our Principal by email or our Cathedral Office (516)483-5700).

About Our Greek School PTA. The Greek School PTA is committed to support our Principal and teachers in  ensuring that our Language Program succeeds in its goals and works to build strong relationships  among parents, teachers and our school, in support of our students.  If you would like to volunteer please contact