Recipe Club

The Recipe Club was created in 1959 as part of a “Make it Grow” project under Fr. Papadeas.  Twenty women volunteered to serve on this committee whose mission was to research, test, write, and print a   definitive Greek cookbook in English, since none was in print.  They agreed to work very diligently because this was a very serious undertaking.  These 20 women agreed they would absorb all the expenses involved in doing all this work.  They met in each other’s  homes.  When it was time to print the book, they went to the Parish Council for funding the printing expenses, they were refused. Undaunted, they got their own husbands to pay for the printing.   It was called “The Art of Greek Cooking”.   They sent the books to all the major American publications, and the results were instant success from the NY Times on down.  

They made their own constitution and agreed that all the money would go to projects for St. Paul.  Their success around the country and even the world, is  egendary.  Four books, with over $ 500,000 raised and given for many, many projects for St. Paul.  These include “burning the mortgage drives”, the kitchen, the walkway out front, the sign, the organ, a chandelier and mosaics in the church, altar robes, choir robes, books for the church, not to mention the  annual donations for the pastry shop tent and raffles for the festival.  A long list.  By they way, these women set up the original baking for the first years of our festival, over 45 years ago!  These women made many promotions, including tv, radio, and demonstrations around the area.

And so, the Recipe Club is not a club---no recipe swapping, but rather a dedicated, committed small group of women who managed to promote our cuisine, and our beloved St. Paul. As we say:  Axios!

Kathy Boulukos - Chairman