Mosaics Restoration Project

The Mosaics Restoration Project was initiated over the summer by our Clergy in an effort to clean and restore our beautiful and unique iconography. 

Spearheaded by our facilities manager, Lawrence Griffin and members of our House committee, residue from the many years of smoke and incense is carefully washed away, restoring the beauty, details and vibrant colors of our mosaic iconography.

The process is slow and great care is being taken to ensure that the mosaics themselves are not damaged in the process.  The results are breathtaking.  Small artistic details blurred by years of smoke are now clearly visible, while the colors erupt in a sparkling symphony of light.

There are still many challenges facing this project especially as we move to the highest sections of our Cathedral, but we are confident that we will be able to clean and restore all the mosaics in the weeks ahead.

If you have any questions regarding our restoration efforts please contact Fr Christopher.  For those that would like to donate towards the restoration of the mosaics to help offset the costs, please contact the Church office or visit our donations section of our website.




Left to Right : Edgar Ciar, Lawrence Griffin, Tony Pantelides, John Mikos, Aris Papangelopoulos