The Parish Council

This is a group of men and women elected by the general membership of the church of our community to oversee the business of all the ministries of the church and for the good of the community. The members of the parish council must be stewards in good standing and ecclesiastically in order. There are thirty elected members and 12 Past Presidents on the Parish Council. The Parish Council meets once a month.  The Executive Committee consists of the elected officers from the Parish Council. 


Meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of the month, 8:00PM in the Hellenic room.  See the Parish Council Calendar for details.

The Executive Committee


Proistamenos -
Fr. Luke M. Melackrinos
Financial Secretaries -
Stephen Makrinos
President -
Anthony P. Vaccari   Elizabeth Christakos-Comack
Vice President -
George A. Vorkas
Legal Advisor -
Harry Raptakis
Treasurer -
George P. Marinos
Past Presidents -
William J. Lembo
Secretary -
Frances T. Lufty, Esq.   James Georgakis
George Papazicos


The Parish Council Members

Andron, Andrew* Kontoleon, Nikolaos Pappas, William*
Christakos-Comack, Elizabeth Kourepinos, Antonia* Patrickakos, Louis S.*
Demetriou, Demetris Kratsios, Gus C.* Possas, George C.*
Demiris, Harry C. Lavas, George K.* Possas, George P.*
DePietto, Carol Lazarakis, Michael Prieston, Joan*
Donus, Bob Lembo, William J * Raptakis, Harry*
Flouskakos, Thomas Lizardos, Evans Rigano, James
Georgakis, James* Lutfy, Frances T. Stephens, James E.
Georgopalis, Spyro Makrinos, Stephen Vaccari, Anthony P.
Ginis, James Marinos, George P. Vasilakis, George
Gurlides, Michael P. * Mavrovitis, Dean Vorkas, George A.
Hadjoglou, George T Menoudakos, Peter Xanthos, Peter*
Hajisava, John Monioudis, Harry Yeostros, Louis C.
Kallinikos, William C.* Pantelides, Anthony N Zakos, George
Katehis, Chris Papachristos, John Zografos, Constantine N.*
Kollitides, Triphon Papazicos, George*  

* Past Presidents and Honorary Members


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