Save your $$$ while supporting the Cathedral of St. Paul

The Cathedral of St. Paul has entered into an agreement with Ambit Energy, an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that will provide the members of our community and the people they know with substantial savings on their home use of natural gas and electricity. This is possible because of the deregulation of the energy industry, where existing utilities no longer have a monopoly on supplying natural gas or electricity. Instead, Ambit Energy will supply gas and/or electricity at a reduced cost and your existing utility provider will only be paid for the delivery of the energy.

When you enroll, nothing changes except that your energy bill will be reduced. All existing services by your current utility, including repairs, meter readings, billing, etc. will continue as they are now. You will also continue to pay one bill to your current utility. The only difference in the total monthly bill you receive ITom your current utility will be that charges for the supply of energy by Ambit and for delivery of the energy by your current utility will be itemized separately.

Benefits to you:

  • You will realize an immediate savings of 7% on your gas or electric bill for the first two months following your enrollment and then averaging about 3-5% thereafter, but guaranteed to be no less than 1%.
  • As a welcome gift, Ambit Energy will send you a certificate good for a 3-day/2-night hotel stay for two at 25 exciting destinations across the country.
  • Ambit customers earn rewards points each month based on their energy use that can be redeemed for incredible travel packages, including a one week cruise to the Bahamas or an all-inclusive Mexican getaway, beginning with 2,000 bonus points just for enrolling.
  • As an Ambit Energy customer, you will get your own self-care website to review your account and to refer others. For example you can choose a cruise or resort vacation for referring 5 customers within the first 12 weeks of your enrollment.
  • You can reduce or eliminate the amount of your energy bill every month by referring 15 people you know to also enroll. Ambit Energy will mail you a check equal to your referred customers' average payment for their energy supply, which continues every month as long as you maintain a minimum of 15 customers who remain enrolled with Ambit.

Benefit to the Cathedral of St. Paul

The Cathedral of St. Paul will receive continuous revenue based on the energy usage by our members as well as usage by the people they refer when they enroll as Ambit Energy customers.

In summary, this is a win-win for our members, the people they know and for our Cathedral. There is no charge to switch to Ambit and you save money every month. All that has to happen is for you to log on to for answers to any questions you still may have and then click "Enroll Now." You can also call the office for any additional information or to enroll if you don't have computer access.

Ambit energy is licensed throughout most of NY State, which will be verified when you log on and enter your zip code. Current participating providers, including National Grid in upstate and western regions of New York State, New York City and Long Island, plus Con Edison in the five boroughs of/New York City and Westchester. (NOTE: LIPA electric customers on Long Island are not eligible to switch their supplier because LIP A is a "Not-for-profit" corporation) .

Getting Started

Click here to go to the Ambit website for more information or to sign up!


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